A Gentleman’s Drink

IMG_2333According to Frank Sinatra, whiskey is a gentleman’s drink. Frank was such a fan, his legacy guardians agreed to lend his namesake to a new offering from Jack Daniels.IMG_2350Tennessee’s best was on the tip of everyone’s tongues Tuesday night in Calgary, the city of choice for the Canadian debut of Sinatra Select. Thus the selected gentlemen swarming Teatro’s Opera Room. Many of them declined to refer to themselves that way, but at least they looked the part.IMG_2356Ryan Atkins, Alex Orlando and Scott Watson.IMG_2357Dan Wright of WAX and Kevin Gordon.IMG_2359Let’s get a side view of those super-cool specs, Dan!IMG_2360Mark Burkart of McKinley Burkart and Jay Cowles of Spriza.IMG_2368Norm Bogner of Spriza and Ryan Jennings of Jennings Wealth.Panerai CalgaryIn case you were wondering how to accessorize a black wedding band (sapphire with diamond) Norm prefers a Panerai timepiece. And you can never go wrong with a fistful of sour mash.V. Williams SingerFrank couldn’t make it in person, but the evening was not without crooning, thanks to V. Williams.Teatro kitchenI felt a little like ol’ Blue Eyes himself, getting hustled through the Teatro kitchen for an intimate lecture … Teatro's wine cellar… on the fine art of single barrel aging. Jack Daniels looked right at home in  Teatro’s 10,000 bottle wine cellar.Tiffany at TeatroAnd despite the original 1911 Dominion bank vault looming behind me, I felt right at home. but I suppose 45% alcohol content accelerates that emotion. However, my Jack Daniel’s Country Club badge is 90-proof that I’ve arrived.ClearSmall xx 2

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