AERIN’s Outlook For Dry Hands: Rosey

AERIN Rose Night Table Cream and MaskIt is currently so cold in Calgary that throats are as dry as the Sahara, despite the irony of a desert descriptor. You need to ground yourself before you kiss anyone — the electrical hazard is that bad. Not to mention how awful your hands feel after wash them. Tight. Uncomfortable. DRY.

That’s why it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to AERIN’s Rose Night Table Cream and Overnight Mask. The rose scent has a winter weight to it, without being cloying. There’s an unidentifiable spice to it that adds to the sophisticated bedtime slather. I admit, I may be a teeny bit biased about AERIN products, since I love Ms. Lauder’s story as a lifestyle tycoon. I tend to be thrilled by all her products, even when I’m occasionally confused by the reason for them, as I was for this cream for both hair and body. Sometimes I just need to study up on the press release, but it never comes with the package anymore. Which is why, despite my best googling efforts to assist, I’m unsure what the Mask aspect is for this cream. Face? Hands? It doesn’t matter. The mystery just makes it better.

However, I’m off on a rant that supersedes the character max of all our attention spans. Treat yourself to some Rose Cream. Especially if you’re doing the gold or brass accent in your interior design, since your au so courant tastes will be a match with the lid. No hiding this pretty jar of night table cream.Blue Besos


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