Banff Beering

P1020924The scenery here in the Canadian Rockies is so beautiful – but apres ski I really, really just want to see a beer. Or two. P1020931Today I delayed the hops gratification by taking the apres off the mountain, into downtown Banff. P1020936Conveniently located on the main drag, Banff Avenue, this brewpub makes their beer on site, with local glacial water and all the minerals that come with it. I’m sure there are vitamins in there burnsBrew with a view. Banff Ave Blonde Ale brings me back to my roots. If only touching them up was as easy as drinking this mild kosch style ale, the first beer ever to be handcrafted in Banff. Mmmm. P1020925Hasta luego, Banff! I’ll be back.ClearSmall xx 2

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