Banff Romance Wrap-Up

IMG_3951The next day it was time to say goodbye to Buffalo Mountain Lodge, part of Canadian Rockies Mountain Resorts’ collection of rustic lodges and contemporary restaurants. Tucked away on Tunnel Mountain, even with free wifi and parking, the lodge seemed miles away from civilizaton. Yet it’s just a five-minute drive to the hustle and bustle of Banff besos tiffany burnsAlthough your commute may be extended if you slow down for wild animal photo ops, which are almost guaranteed when you go to Banff.Banff StreetcornerIn the charming mountain town of Banff, on the corner of Bear and Caribou (most of the streets in town are named for animals) you’re positioned to begin Romantic Activity #6:  Gallery Tour.Canada House GalleryAt Canada House Gallery, they have an enormous selection of works by Canadian artists. After 40 years the gallery is still a powerful presence in the Canadian art scene. Many buyers drive in from Edmonton or Calgary to Banff, not for the ski hills, but the art.Canada House GalleryEven though I’m a sucker for any art featuring a horse, look carefully at the paintings in the background. They’re a sneak peek from the Animal Farm reception at the gallery this Saturday, Feb.8. Painter Grant Leier will be in attendance. Willock & Sax GalleryFurther down Bear Street you’ll find the Willock and Sax Gallery, which carries Western Canadian art, focusing on our fine Alberta artists. And in the other direction is the Whyte Museum. Which I fully intend to visit one day.IMG_3309If you’re running out of time, like we were, keep your eyes peeled for the public art sprinkled throughout Banff. Currently, some displays are more patriotic in nature. Yeah!Wild Flour BakeryEven if you’re rushing to hit the highway, you can still carve out time for a coffee from Wild Flour Bakery, since it too is on Bear Street. Not only do their goodies taste delicious (I recommend the mint Nanaimo bar:  not too creamy, not too minty, with a thick layer of solid chocolate on top and a bottom layer that doesn’t flake apart. Can you tell I’m a connoisseur? I have to be! I grew up a short ferry ride away from Nanaimo) they are all kinds of gluten-free, vegan and artisan.

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Goodbye Banff! You definitely came through in the romance department. How will Valentine’s Day top this?

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