Bar C’s Stampede-tini

Bar C CalgaryCalgary Stampede is just two weeks away! Time to start planning your alcohol stops as you make your way to the grounds, because your belly needs a baseline of inebriation before you walk through those turnstiles. Bar C, a CRMR restaurant located on 17th Avenue at Fourth Street, is perfectly located for this purpose.Cowboy Breakfast Cocktail Bar CJust when you thought bacon couldn’t be mixed into another surprise gourmet combo, Bar C introduces their Cowboy Breakfast Cocktail. Normally, I’m not much of a mixologist. If I take it up a notch from my usual red wine, I like my tequila or vodka straight. But I have to admit, even though I was disappointed the bacon didn’t spiral down the stick like the promo pics, I dig this drink. Tequila, liquid smoke, bacon-infused maple syrup and cherry bark bitters combine to make it taste like Stampede. Egg whites are added to make it the most important meal of the day.Bar C patio alley CalgaryIn case we see another rainy start to Stampede season, check out the alley patio behind those cast-iron boiler room doors (taken from the Underwood Building on First Street) seen in the top photo. Cozy and covered, it’s the perfect place to sip your breakfast. The special cocktail is only available July 3-13. Come and git it!


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