BerberryA new book is currently occupying a proud place on my coffee table:  Berberry. And that’s not a spelling error.

Berberry BookThe sly pictorial is a commentary on the world’s obsession with a certain plaid. British artist Toby Leigh spent a decade obsessively trawling the streets, documenting everything from birthday cakes to tattoos, wheelchairs, even toilet seats.

An award-winning illustrator based in Britain, Toby Leigh is not known for being a conformist. People are still talking about his anarchic tote bags during the London 2012 Olympics. Not to mention his Shite Britain Souvenir Tea Towels and Crap Christmas Cards.
from the Berberry Book

Toby’s obsession with this tartan symbol of pseudo-luxury began with (what else?) a blog… which could explain why he became enamored with Blue contribution to BerberryWhile Toby took most of the photos himself, he was taken with this pic I snapped in Calgary. I was delighted when Toby asked if he could use publish it. Does that make me a professional art photographer?

Go mad with plaid and get Berberry yourself. It will give you a giggle.
[all photos submitted except for mine up top]

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