Calgary Home+Design Show Giveaway!

When the weather in Calgary turns to snow, like it has here for the last ridiculous three days, do your thoughts turn to interior design? If you’re anything like me, they probably just turn to interior calorie intake. But now you can combine both desires, in one decadent giveaway bundle.Calgary Home+Design Giveaway on Blue BesosThe Calgary Home+Design Show is next week, September 18 – 21, 2014. To whet your whistle, the good folks at the show are combining forces with Blue Besos to give away a fabulous bundle featuring goodies like spice tins and cooking classes from Ruby’s Kitchen, IKEA gift cards, mini chalk paint cans from Interiors to Inspire and tickets to the show and more…Calgary Home+Design Giveaway on Blue Besos… like these artisanal marshmallows from Fiasco Gelato. That’s artisanal marshmallows. Just making sure you’re paying attention.

Wanna win? Email me:  tiffany [at] bluebesos [dot] com. Y’all know I’m writing it that way to deflect those dastardly spammers, right? Tell me your fave Blue Besos post. Whoever wins the race to the inbox wins the bundle!Blue Besos


UPDATE:  We have a winner! Janelle tells me my interview with William Shatner is her fave Blue Besos post so far. Thanks for all your emails everyone!

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