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Get that John Mayer song out of your head, I’m about to talk about art.Tiffany Burns 3Back in October, I was driving through downtown Calgary and I saw this. It’s not that unusual to see construction crews working 24/7 here, but blowtorching a giant head is a tad uncommon, so I pulled over. Tiffany Burns 4This sculpture reminded me of one I’d seen at Sunset Beach in Vancouver. And another holding court on a corner of Marine Drive in West Van. So I looked it up. Yes, Calgary is the latest city to welcome one of Jaume Plensa’s giant heads to our public space. Tiffany Burns 2The Barcelona sculptor is obsessed with heads. Our version is a 12 meter tall bent-wire portrait of a young girl, placed in the curve at the foot of Encana’s new Bow Tower. Besides engaging a wide audience, the panel who chose Jaume wanted a sculptor whose work could withstand our wicked winds and wild weather changes.Tiffany BurnsA few days ago, driving by the Bow again, I realized it’s finished. I love it! My red-eye fix-resistant eyes glow with the inspiration Jaume was going for when he said, “My vision for Wonderland is to inspire everyone who experiences the sculpture:  I believe the architecture of our bodies is the palace for our dreams.”

He did another sculpture for the Bow, a bronze called Alberta’s Dream, which will be unveiled later this year. In the meantime, did you notice? Almost impossible to tell with the graininess of this shot and the rays of light coming from my crazy flash eyes, but … no bandaid! I’m wearing Lancome concealer and foundation. Next time I’ll brave a close-up. Boots, Michael Kors.ClearSmall xx 2


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