Cardinale is for Italian Cocktail Lovers

Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryTucked in between two entrances to Cowboys Casino sits the historic Dafoe building, built in 1920. Formerly home to La Vita e Bella for a decade, the restaurant’s owners have recently rebranded to Cardinale. But the Italian part wasn’t changing. It’s written into the lease — no joke!Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryThe new name was inspired by an Italian cocktail, which General Manager Graham Teare is mixing in this action shot.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryAnd boy, does he know how to mix. Lots of places in town claim they are artistes in this department, but these are some of the most delectable drinks I’ve tasted in Calgary. The flavor-forward Sage Advice, on the left, is a garden in a glass, a kaleidoscope of gin, peas, sage and more. On the right, the Suspiria combines aperol, basil, balsamic reduction and strawberries, amongst several other ingredients, to create a sweet-smelling concoction that is not too sweet (my current drink dictation).Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryCraving a caprese salad? Get the Panzanella. It has the ingredients you want, and more, all piled onto a savory piece of pagnotta toast.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryI’m not one for fried cheese, so this was an accidental order (I need to start reading the fine print on menus) but this Bocconcini was the most sophisticated fried cheese I’ve ever had. If fried cheese is your jam, try this.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryCarbonara was calling me so strongly that I ordered the Mezze Maniche, even though my hot date had already called dibs. Major food blogger no no! However, no regrets, it was delish. Although if I could change one thing, I’d want the plate served with the egg yolk on top of the pasta. There’s something so satisfying about mixing it yourself. However, I’m sure the chef at Cardinale believes he can stir it up better. The menu here is inspired by traditional Italian cooking methods, using a combo of local produce and imported Italian ingredients not readily available in Calgary. My tastebuds definitely deferred.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryDessert comes in decidedly large, decadent portions. To the Ricotta al Caffe (left) and the Gelato of dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut and salted pistachio, I recommend you say yes.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryBut this summer, if it ever comes, and if you happen to be watching your waistline, you almost don’t need to order dessert. This Chocolate Mousse Spritz (not to be confused with spritzer – that’s with wine) is just one of six new spritzes that Cardinale will introduce this summer. Maybe in June, maybe in July… whenever the weather gods choose to grace Calgary with a semblance of civilized temperatures. These cocktails will make Cowboys people-watching from the patio even more entertaining.Cardinale Restaurant CalgaryDon’t confuse Cardinale with that other YYC restaurant name that begins with C and ends in A-L-E, as someone I know may have done. And good to know:  Happy Hour is Monday to Friday from 3 until 5. Because I see the need for more Sage Advice in my future!Blue Besos

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