Color Blocking

The good new is… P1030077Look at my nose! This camera doesn’t pick up the details that are still bugging me, but the skin graft scar is starting to settle down. Also, I’m getting a little better at the coverup action. A lot of the time I go with concealer only — no foundation or powder, which can accentuate the lumps and lines instead of hiding them. Today I’m using Lancome’s Maquicomplet in the Camee shade, which is darker than my actual skin tone, but seems to do well against the scar, which is still a little red. The creamy liquid is enriched with a hydrating botanical complex, antioxidant protection and light-diverting agents, which seems to be a magical combo for me. Also, it never gets flaky. Which is good because I have enough stuff going on with my beak right now.

Meanwhile, the bad news is… P1030081Crutches! I thought twice about revealing this, concerned that regular readers may start to think I have major bad medical mojo. That would be one way of looking at it, especially since someone mentioned that my warranty must be up. But I prefer to think that I am renewing it. In this case, a toe alignment issue (aka brutal mutant bunion) meant there was no way around it: the operation had to be done. P1030083But with this color blocking going on, this post had to be done. I’m loving this royal blue shirt, especially now that I’ve realized I don’t have to wait for a flat abs day to wear it, if I layer something flowy underneath. The brand is confusingly called Ttee, so good luck googling that one. I picked it up at Anthropologie, which always has unique casual wear. Grey shirt, Armani Exchange. Skinny pants, Mossimo for Target — USA Target since they still haven’t opened in Calgary yet. Shoes, Adidas. marilyn crutch    I tried to channel Marilyn from the time she sprained her ankle while filming in Banff, but she makes the crutches look sexier than I ever could. However — you know what she didn’t have? P1030093An Aircast!! But let’s face it, even with the suspiciously Nike-like air technology, there is no style going on here at all. For $160, you’d think I could at least get a choice in colors. That’s right, my American friends! Canadian healthcare has a lot of good points, but every once in a while, the government decides you’re on your own when it comes to paying for parts of it. And the medical supply store knows you don’t have time to go online and buy the cast for $84.99. However, I digress from the real issue here:  if your toes are going to be peeping out from any type of cast, whether it has foam-filled air cells or not, they better be pretty. P1030051Luckily I stocked up on a couple of bottles from L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Trend Setter Collection:  Crazy For Chic, left, and Members Only, right. My toes are wearing Members Only. P1030082Take that, Marilyn! Meanwhile, let’s both ignore the guy on the walk sign behind me, making it look easy.ClearSmall xx 2

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