Fall Fashion… Already

IMG_0956Stopped by Holt Renfrew to check out some of their autumnal offerings in the middle of Calgary’s heat wave. Holts was happy to provide H2O so we didn’t dehydrate, but there was no stopping what came down the pink runway:  tidings of winter, just around the corner.IMG_1030

Looks like those shiny skinny black leggings American Apparel made popular a few seasons back are still chugging along. Revved up with motorcycle deets and upscaled to pleather and other thicker materials for fall, we’ll be able to pair them with the oversized tops that will best hide our fall love handles. You can’t stop them — it’s a daylight savings thing. You can only work with them. I’m not a fan of this Theory jacket’s 80s sillouehette… but I might be in a month or so.IMG_0977

Pretty In Punk was one of Lisa Tant’s themes for the show. On a spectrum from Sid Vicious to Punky Brewster, I’d say this is somewhere in a safe middle ground for the department store consumer. The studs on this Alice and Olivia leather jacket are riding the motorcycle theme. More daring, the McQ pink plaid leggings. I have one word:  yes.IMG_1002

Diane von Furstenberg, diva of the wrap dress, brings us a tweed trench. Dig it, DVF.IMG_1027

Fur! Don’t know if any of the sleeveless-dress-wearing audience members are ready for it yet, but I’m pleased to see that all my hats will still be in fashion. I’d like to keep them in storage until November. But here in the big YYC, that may be too much to ask. Marni fur-trimmed coat.IMG_1022This little cropped coat with thick knit sleeves (Holt Renfrew Fur Salon) is more palatable for forthcoming fall foliage. Meanwhile, if you have legs laroux leftover from summer fun, flaunt ’em. Glad to see we’ll be able to get our money’s worth out of last season’s OTKs. Boots shown here are Miu Miu. As for short shorts and skirts, I might have a closet full of them, but am always glad for an excuse to stockpile some more. ClearSmall xx 2



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