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Celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite people this weekend, I was delighted to discover what happens when chocolate and Louis Vuitton collide:   tiffany burns 11This cake gives a whole new meaning to a la mode. A match made in my personal heaven, it’s from the talented bakers at Buttercream Bake Shoppe on 17th in Calgary. They do calorie-laden customer orders for wedding cakes, cupcakes – you name it. I’ll let you do the talking because my mouth is full. tiffany burns 12Tasted just as good as it looked.ClearSmall xx 2


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  1. I am a business neighbour of Buttercream, being 4 doors down at Crepes & Cravings. I just wanted to say that I too love the artistry and flavors that they produce out of the Buttercream store. Although in a way they are a competitor, they are still my go to venue whenever I want to give myself a treat.

    Can’t forget to say that this comment is completely unsolicited… I just feel that quality food deserves to be recognized.


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