Girls Trip Seattle Epilogue

For the third and final post of Girls’ Trip to Seattle, some random stuff I enjoyed around town.Le Panier SeattleCraving a croissant? Head to Le Panier on Pike Place, right across from the public market. It’s worth fighting the crowds for a seat.Le Panier coffeeNo one’s really fighting anyhow, since everyone is in their flaky, buttery, caffeinated happy place. Nice manicure, Emily! And that LV bag would put me in a happy place even sans croissant.Pike Place MarketI’m not gonna go on about the fish tossing, since I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but Pike Place Market is also a wonderful place to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers and locally grown eats. Banana Republic Converted Bank SeattleWalk over a few blocks and you’ll find the significant stripes that surround Banana Republic’s coolest rehab, converting the old Coliseum Theater into a retail mecca that on this occasion had some  hot pink cords discounted 75% that I could not resist.Umbrellas at University VillageEven those who claim to abhor malls, like myself, will be charmed by the University Village Shopping Centre in Seattle. Shops line the streets, while lane-ways in between are pedestrian only. Umbrella stands on every corner offer a caring nod to the reality of the ecosystem here.Microsoft Store Seattle University VillageThe ultimate proof I was in Seattle:  a Microsoft Store. Located across from the Apple Store. And totally empty. Kidding! I took this photo after closing time. Still… Once you go Mac, you never go back.Joey Flagship University VillageBesides my general mall malaise, I’m not one for chain eateries, but the Joey Restaurant Group is Canadian. Turns out Joey Kitchen has made a few forays into the Evergreen State. This is their flagship Washington location at Uni Village.Joey Kitchen interiorWith the ultimate Canadian touch inside:  washrooms is Canuck for restrooms.Great Wheel Cloudy DayAnd the Great Wheel rolls on. See you on the next spin, Seattle! Besos

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