Home is Where the Goldgrass Is

Goldgrass Home OpeningRemember Riva’s Eco Store, an eclectic collection of organic, pesticide-free, non-toxic … stuff? A guilt-free general store in the heart of Inglewood. That shop is no longer — Riva has rebranded with retail editing and a new name — a perfect excuse for a party.

Goldgrass Home InglewoodNow called Goldgrass Home, the products are still as eco as you can get, but more streamlined, focusing on home design, with both authoritative and emotional aromatics on offer.

Goldgrass Home CalgaryGoldgrass has furnishings, decor, a design center that offers natural, non-toxic and specialty wall finishes…

Hastens Sleep Spa at Goldgrass Home… and a sleep spa downstairs, complete with mood lighting, to showcase a Calgary exclusive:  the hand-made Hastens Mattress. With the most expensive beds going for more than $60,000, it’s a whole new way to stuff money in your mattress, but you’ll sleep like a royal. Goldgrass Home ManifestoAs the only store I’ve seen whose manifesto includes a list of mortal enemies, Goldgrass Home, I like your style.


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