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Blue SpruceFeeling uninspired this year, buying presents for people who already seem to have everything? Don’t feel like fighting for a parking spot at the mall in order to spread goodwill under the Christmas tree? Or perhaps you’re worried about the carbon footprint of driving to the mall, buying gifts shrouded in extra packaging, and wrapping them in more packaging, aka paper and ribbons? Not to mention the environmental cold shoulder everyone being hit by the cold snap right now is giving to Mother Nature, warming up our cars for ages. Or else just leaving them running while we shop, Alberta-style, yearning for that global warming everyone is talking about.Christmas ballsI’ve found the solution. One size fits all, and it can be bought online. No waiting for the post office to lose your delivery, either, because nothing actually gets delivered.

For $30, TreeEra will plant 25 trees in the name of whomever you choose to gift. Founded by Calgary musician Michael Fitzgerald, tree adopters will be notified of just where their baby trees are growing. So you can visit, if you’re in the area.Gift CertificateSince the newly-formed profit-for-purpose company is in the fledgling stages itself, the first planting will be in the spring, with locations and tree types still tbd. However, the company has big dreams:  to plant a billion trees. You can subscribe to a monthly membership, if you’d like to help on the regular. It’s the gift that keeps growing. Merry Christmas!

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