Lobster LaRue

Mike of the Bloggity Blog and Buzz Bishop at Keg Lobster SummerSometimes, rain gets in the way of my professional polo career. (And yes, in case the real pros at the Calgary Polo Club are wondering, that line is ironic). But last week, the dark clouds above our city had a silver lining: an opportunity to taste the Lobster Summer menu at the Keg.

Mike Morrison, author of the best-selling book, Calgary By Bike, and Buzz Bishop of XL 103 had the photographic good fortune to sit across from me during wave after wave of lobster delicacies. Try eating a few appies like Szechwan Lobster and Lobster Gratinee. Followed by a half lobster and steak, i.e. Surf + Turf. And throw in a 3-ounce Canadian Atlantic lobster tail. Members of the Calgary media were up to the task. And should you be cray-cray enough to take the crayfish challenge yourself, you have until August 30th, at Kegs across Canada.Blue Besos

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