Mid Century Mecca

If you’re on the hunt for Mid Century Modern furniture or art, the mecca must be Palm Springs. The fifties Hollywood getaway of the Sinatra set is now the departure lounge for that big stage in the sky, which means the torch of fine Scandinavian design is passed along daily in estate sales and vintage shops. However, if the recent mad upsurge in airline prices is keeping you away from Callie this winter (in Calgary the seasons pay no heed to the calendar) you can make this pilgrimage closer to home.photo (17)Mid Century Dweller in Inglewood is chock full of sleek Nordic timber…Snapseed (52)… from super groovy lamps to teak everything. You never know when you might need some Danish rosewood speakers for the ol’ hi fi.Snapseed (50)In the tradition of quirky furniture shops, the hours are a little finicky. Mid Century Dweller is only open Wednesday to Sunday, noon to five. But there’s free parking in the back and – bonus of the Blue Besos kind – the owner speaks Spanish. ClearSmall xx 2

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