My Little Pony

P1020754Spring is officially just a few days away but the Calgary Polo Club is still under a blanket of snow. P1020760The JC Palmer field is beautiful. And a little lonely. P1020777No horses anywhere. Good thing I brought my own.P1020776It’s pink and purple. And nuzzling my muzzle. P1020748When you’re in the equestrian mood, a My Little Pony bandage by Elastoplast fits the bill. Or the nose. Those purple unicorns kinda remind me of my snowboard.P1020766Wait a minute… P1020778I think I see something down there. P1020779 P1020780P1020782Hi guys! Only a couple more months til your vacation is over. With that in mind, I should hit the hitting cage. P1020798Compared to the arena in the background, the cage seems weather proof. However, it turns out I should have brought some orange snow polo balls… P1020796To negotiate the drifts inside the cage.P1020792They’d probably get stuck in the snow as well, but at least you could see them better while you have a good laugh. And I dream of summer.ClearSmall xx 2

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