New Atlas On Tiffany’s Map

If your internal compass always seems to point to Tiffany’s, there’s a new reason to head to Chinook Centre.Doors of Tiffany&Co Chinook CentreWalk through those heavy doors into the hush of the hallowed jewelry hall and you’ll forget you’re at the mall.Tiffany&Co Sunglasses 2014Invited for a sneak peak at the newest necklaces, bangles and earrings in the store, I got distracted by the eyewear.Tiffany&Co Sunglasses I know, probably a little more low-maintenance than you’re expecting, considering the gems on display right in front of me, but just look at these! Perfect for my upcoming polo trip to the desert.Back Room at Tiffany's Chinook CentreBut to get me back on track, Sarah Geddes from Sass Communications ushered me into a back room reserved for customers who want to purchase their carats and karats in private. As Sarah put it, “A lot of nervous men have been in this room.” Today, it’s reserved for a select few, chosen to view the latest pieces of the Atlas Collection to arrive on the Calgary map.Atlas PendantsCrafted in 18 karat yellow, white or rose gold, as well as sterling silver, 30 new pieces have been added to the collection. Still using the signature Roman numerals symbolizing strength and freedom, these ones are cleaner, sleeker and more modern. I liked this smaller rose gold pendant to the right.Large Atlas PendantThe pendant I actually tried on was so large I didn’t even get the entire piece in the picture. Hashtag: second-rate selfie.Atlas earrings 2014 TiffanyInspired not by Greek mythology but rather the clock held by Atlas outside Audrey Hepburn’s favorite store on Fifth Avenue, the iconic collection was introduced in 1995. With a $145 starting price point, it’s tempting to start your own collection.Atlas Bangle 2014 Tiffany&CoBecause who doesn’t need a little Tiffany in their life? Besos



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