Pantones, Plumper and XXL Extension Review

For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I’ve been test-driving beaucoup de maquillage this spring. To incorporate something into my minimal daily routine, or use it to amp up for a night on the town, it has to be easy, high-quality and the impact has to be worth the time spent applying it. Which new products made the cut?LashFusion XXLLashFusion XXL gives big lash bang for your mascara buck, even though it retails for a not-cheap $28 in Canada. The pinecone-shaped wand works surprisingly well, covering your lashes with one swipe (I give it two or three for uber-length) without clumping — at all. There’s even a feel-good aspect — Fusion Beauty says the nutrient rich formula will encourage lash growth.Ceramic Glaze Nail LacquerI hadn’t tried Ceramic Glaze nail lacquer before, but now the polish ($10.99 at Shoppers) will be a go-to. Besides Papaya Sunrise nailing my current fave color, a hybrid of orange-red,  it goes on super-smooth and dries shiny. Most impressive:  I can get away with one coat if I’m really slammed for time.  Shown here from left to right, new colors for Spring/Summer 2015 include Freshly Laundered, Papaya Sunrise and Honolulu Hibiscus.Hairy Crocus? Alberta WildflowerSouthern Alberta is having an unusually early spring. These photos were taken a few weeks ago, when the ponies still had their winter coats. During the shoot I discovered this hairy crocus-like bloom, growing wild.Lip FusionOne makeup item I can’t live without — moisturizing lipstick or gloss. Since I usually apply it while driving, and almost always without a mirror, neutral shades work best for me! Lip Fusion Lip Plump Color Shine in Sugar fits the bill. Its wand magically has the right amount of gloss, preventing overgooping. Unlike some plumpers, it doesn’t turn my lips numb. I do feel a little warming after I apply, so it seems like the “revolutionary micro-injected collagen plumping technology” is trying, however I can’t say I’ve noticed a visual. So I’m not sure if it’s worth the $41 suggested retail price.

All photos taken at the Calgary Polo Club, with no accidental ingestion of makeup-confused-for-carrots to report.Blue Besos

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