Parade Marshal William Shatner

William Shatner Calgary StampedeCaptain Kirk, Denny Crane, Bill — whatever you call him, the 2014 Stampede Parade Marshal has arrived in Calgary. Note those suspenders he’s wearing, because they’re a style statement.William Shatner Calgary StampedeFacing the media today before he faces the throngs along the parade route tomorrow, William Shatner took all questions. Including my urgent fashion query.

ME:  “What will you be wearing tomorrow?”

BILL:  “Black underwear. And suspenders.”William Shatner Calgary StampedeLuckily Stampede President Bob Thompson swooped in to give Bill a belt buckle, which will add a little more coverage.Beautiful Bill Shatner

This isn’t William Shatner’s first rodeo. He’s won a few buckles in his day, breeds horses and has ridden just about every style imaginable. Of course, I had to ask him if he ever played polo. Nope. “I like my knees,” he says, telling me he has a few friends who have taken a beating playing the sport. But he’s ridden polo ponies. “They’re indefatigable. They never stop. They just keep going.” My horse Simon says Bill is right.William Shatner Calgary StampedeBill charmed us all. Even us hardened media types. See you at the parade!Blue Besos

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