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Calgary Polo Style MagazineI’ve always said that polo is a stylish sport, but now you don’t have to take my word for it — Calgary Polo Style makes it official.Anders Knudsen Red Point MediaThe launch of the new magazine (brought to you by the folks behind Avenue) took place at the Calgary Polo Club, natch, with cocktails and the Canadian Open. Anders Knudsen of Red Point Media offered up an athletic bowl-in for the 20-goal game.Calgary Polo Style MagazineHis brogues were made for bowl-ins.Fred Mannix Calgary Polo ClubNot many people in Calgary realize that polo is played here all summer long, just half an hour south of the city. Seven fields are just waiting for folks to roll up backwards in good ol’ gas guzzling SUVs and tailgate while taking in a game, like those watching Fred Mannix in jersey number 4 trying to keep an eye on the action behind him, without getting steamrollered in the process.Rich Roenisch bronzesFred Junior and the other players were motivated by Rich Roenisch’s beautiful bronze trophies.Ranch House Calgary Polo ClubThe Ranch House had plenty of seating on its grand balcony overlooking the field, but I found it easier to avoid wardrobe malfunction by standing. Shoulders back!Miles Durrie, Calgary Polo Style MagazineThose in the know, like Miles Durrie, Editor of Polo Style, always seem to end up on the berm, where the height offers fabulous viewing … and great acoustics for all those swear words in Espanol. Calgary Polo Club playersThe berm is also where The Men Of Polo tend to hang out if they’re not playing…Calgary Polo ClubCalgary Polo ClubCalgary Polo ClubCalgary Polo Club … with their eagle eyes on Julian Mannix, keeping his focus despite the pressure from the opposing team.Tory Burch WedgesBack to footwear. It’s important to make the right choice for a night that includes a divot stomp. Wedges work wonders for the ladies, especially when they’re Tory Burch.Divot Stomp Calgary Polo ClubThe divot stomp is really just a jaunty half-time opportunity for a fashion show on the field.Calgary Polo Club StyleThis Calgary Polo Style reader shows his support in style.Anne Evamy, Anders KnudsenCalgary Polo Club President Anne Evamy talks speech strategy with Anders. They’ve got both the verticals and the horizontals covered.Calgary Polo Style MagazineBesides cataloguing the good life surrounding my favorite sport, Calgary Polo Style puts players in the spotlight. Not only did I make the official roster (yes, you’re reading that right, I’m a minus one — and I’m in good company)…Calgary Polo Style Magazine…I may have written an article or two for the magazine. Now that I’m a writer, instead of a television journalist, I spend a lot less time on my hair.

If you didn’t receive a copy in the mail or with your Globe & Mail newspaper, check out the free stands at the Glencoe Club, Ranchmen’s Club, Bankers Hall Club, Silver Springs Golf & Country Club, Eau Claire YMCA, Calgary Winter Club and Bearspaw Country Club. Congrats on the launch, Polo Style!

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