REVIEW: House of Marley’s Get Together

House of Marley portable audio systemMy new Get Together portable audio system is so damn good looking, it trumps any other minor issues it might have. Part of the House of Marley’s product lineup, co-founded by Bob’s son Rohan Marley, it isn’t your average set of visually unappetizing bluetooth speakers.House of Marley portable audio systemI love its bamboo panels, front and back, along with its grey fabric accent. House of Marley builds all their products with earth-friendly, sustainable materials, like  Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods and recycled plastics. Plus, Marley products support 1Love, the family charitable organization. House of Marley bluetooth speakersThe system instantly picked up my Google Play app from my iPad (I would prefer it to be Songza but we all know what happened there) to stream tunes wirelessly. The built-in rechargeable battery will go for 8 hours. If I stop playing on my iPad, the Get Together powers down on its own. Nice touch!

If I could change one thing, the Get Together would have an equalizer  panel, because I find I’m craving more base.House of Marley speakersI grew up playing classical cello, so I’m picky about my sound. Other portable speakers in my collection are by Bose and JBL, which both offer a satisfying richness. However, ultimately, I’m aesthetically driven, and the previously mentioned brands are still too tech-dude for me. I moved the Get Together out of my large living room and into a medium-sized bedroom, and soon found the contained sound had me feeling alright.Blue Besos

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