REVIEW: Jamming with Nesta Earbuds

Nesta Earbuds by MarleyWith their IKEA-like name, I was inspired to nest these Nesta Earbuds in all sorts of places to get a shot. Anywhere but my ears, which weren’t feeling their fifteen minutes today. Alas, the camera on my iPhone 6s couldn’t quite pick up the beveled details with these multi-faceted white surfaces reflecting the light, but at least my mobile has a headphone jack. Take that, smug new iPhone 7 owners. I predict a revolt against the enforced bluetooth headphones. I’m hoping for one anyhow. Do you really think people will be ok with lesser sound quality, Tim Cook? But I digress. Back to the earphones, and since you can’t fool all the people all the time, I might as well reveal that they weren’t named for a Swede, but rather, Robert Nesta Marley.Nesta Earbuds by MarleyI’m always up for attractive aesthetics for a starting point, and these new “Zirconia Ceramic” earbuds by Marley fit the bill. The Marley logo is a subtle, rose gold M, and the stylish, shoe-string style cord is tangle-resistant. That’s anti-aggrovigliamento, for my knotty Italian friends. An in-line microphone (not pictured) means you can take calls when you’re plugged in. The angled earphones are ergonomic, and they come with a selection of ear tips so you can get the best fit. Shout-out and a carrot to my pony Mojito for the modeling in this photo.Nesta Earbuds by MarleyBottom line? Besides looking pretty, they sound great – offering an audio clarity I wouldn’t expect to find with in-ear headphones. The ear tips are comfy enough to wear for hours, blocking outside noise, allowing you to focus on the music. Bob bonus: the Nestas come with a stash bag to remind us of their Jamaican roots.


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