Room 105 at Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Sunshine Mountain LodgeAfter drooling over it all day from the chairlift, we finally got to see the inside of our premier room in the new West Wing (important info to remember if you book, since the main lodge rooms aren’t as new). In case you need it, there’s also a queen Murphy bed efficiently hidden beside the sitting area. The bedding was super-comfortable on the main bed.Bathroom at Sunshine Mountain LodgeI’d call the bathroom decor rustic modern… Eco Products at Sunshine Mountain Lodge… with products that stressed that the hotel is eco-boutique luxury lodging. Hard to tell with the slightly wack perspective going on here, but the item on the right is lip balm. Nice touch since Banff is possibly even drier than Calgary, which seems to have the driest climate in North America. Even nicer, not pictured, is the HUMIDIFIER THAT COMES WITH THE ROOM. Had to do all caps there because I believe every hotel in Alberta should offer this, but usually they don’t. Buen trabajo, Sunshine Mountain Lodge!West Wing Sunshine Mountain LodgeThe Lodge offers ski lockers but we didn’t quite make it there. Hopefully we won’t get in trouble once these photos go up. Look how careful we were not to scratch anything, SML! Especially those lovely heated floors.View from Sunshine Mountain LodgeView from Room 105.View from Lodge in BanffYou can also see the main part of the lodge with the restaurants. The hot tub is hidden below the stone wall…Fireplace at Sunshine Mountain Lodge… which poses the challenging apres-ski question of the day:  hot tub first? Or cheese plate by the fire? The fromage was just too tempting. But one small quibble as I nibble:  the super-eco gas fireplace had a timer that automatically turned it off after ten minutes. I agree it should have an auto shut-off at some point, but how about twenty?Besos

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