Royale Now Open for Lunch

Royale CalgaryStepping inside Royale for lunch is like stepping into an oasis, not just because the noise from the seemingly permanent 17th Avenue construction is mercifully muted once the door shuts behind you. It’s the decor, the trees and all that natural light from above. Royale has been serving dinner since late 2017. Why did they wait so long to launch lunch?

Royale Restaurant CalgaryMaybe it was because they wanted to make sure it was done right. Which, in my books, means a wine list that includes Whispering Angel rosé. Check. May I recommend the Artisan Green Salad to go with? The chevre makes these greens feel decadent, not diet.Royale Restaurant CalgaryI followed with the Grilled Chinook Salmon, but it was a tough choice. The menu offered many items that justified a second glass of Whispering Angel.Royale Restaurant CalgaryTake a moment to digest the view of the zinc-topped bar in Paris brasserie style. When Corbeaux Bakehouse, the restaurant formerly in this space, suddenly shut down after just one year sprucing up 17th, Teatro Group swooped in to expand its collection of Calgary comestible offerings to seven. In case you missed the Corbeaux moment, and still need your bearings, the restaurant is in the old Melrose location. Which I don’t miss. The ol’ renowned Melrose patio is now even better, with tiered levels to people-watch with discretion. If the construction stops in time for next summer, it will be an excellent place to rosé all day.

Royale Restaurant CalgaryMeanwhile, back to our luscious lunch. Save room for foodie feed-worthy tiramisu. If you’re a dedicated copy consumer and you’ve read this far, I must stress: you can’t hear the construction when you’re inside. Go to Royale now, before the rest of the culinary crowds are in on the secret. Blue Besos


All photos except #2 courtesy of the amazing Maggie Keeper.

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