Schmancy Fashion Show

I was a little concerned when I arrived at the fundraiser for the Glenbow Museum and saw the swag. Pencils? Cardboard George??P1020363Then I ordered champagne and it came in a can. But since it was Sophia Coppola’s sparkling wine, with bendy straw, accompanied by Givenchy-wearing software genius Drew Tollerud, suddenly, the evening had potential.P1020370 Then the show started:


P1020407Jaunty Martha’s Vineyard-inspired moments started to zip by on Belgo’s purple-taped hardwood.P1020414P1020415Whoops! Who sent that pink bag out twice? And may I suggest removing that superfluous strap?


P1020394All clothes from Holt Renfrew’s spring collection. Was the style actually schmancy? Not sure. But was Schmancy Style a fun evening raising money for a museum that celebrates Western Canada? Yes. Yes it was.P1020400



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