Ski-Out from Sunshine Mountain Lodge

Java LiftWhen you overnight at Sunshine Mountain Lodge, you can make first tracks in the morning. Or, if you wake up late, like me, and barely manage to get out of your room by the 11am checkout time, you’ll discover that you can still get a breakfast croissant at Java Lift. With enjoyable midday temps.Java Lift at Sunshine Mountain LodgeAdded bonus to sitting outside? The mochas here come with marshmallows.The Great Divide at Sunshine VillageWith the lift for Mount Standish just ten steps away, it seemed like a natural choice for the first run of the day. At the summit of Mount Standish, the clear view of the BC Rockies made our mission clear:  it was a bluebird day to ride the provincial border.Great Divide Lift at Sunshine VillageTurns out there’s a lift for that.Welcome to BC Sign at SunshineAs you ride up, you cross into British Columbia — the Beautiful, as their license plates say.Welcome Back to Sunny AlbertaTwo towers later, you’re safely back in Wild Rose Country.Canadian Rockies at Sunshine Village Banff Tiffany BurnsThese are our Alps:  the Canadian Rockies.Spring Skiing at Trappers Saloon BanffWithout the drive to the hill or the gondola ride to the lifts, a half day felt like a full day. It also felt like it deserved a few beers, which, as you know, are my favorite thing to imbibe at Trappers Saloon. Or outside Trappers Saloon. A relaxing ride down Banff Avenue (a green run, although downloading on the gondola was also an option) would reunite us with our luggage at the base lodge. And with the massive snowstorms lately, the skiing should be just as satisfying right through closing day on May 19.Besos

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