Skoah Summer Scents

IMG_0197I have never been more appreciative of a handy way to keep body odor at bay. With the never-ending delay of restoring pre-flood modern living basics to my home, like electricity and hot water, a good shower is sometimes hard to find. Add the polo ponies that need to be exercised six days a week, and you have a recipe for an extra-spicy personal bouquet — one that I don’t care to promote.

Luckily I discovered that Skoah, a Vancouver-based skin care line, now has fragrances. The Oh! de Toilettes can be layered with Skoah’s body lotions and creams. They are not the most subtle, but right now a high-octaned scent suits me just fine. About the same size as a lip gloss, they’re also easy to throw in your purse. Sometimes all you need is love — be it Tropikal, Summer or Fresh.ClearSmall xx 2

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