Sneak Peek: Calgary Home Show 2016

Bluegrass Nursery hanging terrarium airplant

Who doesn’t love an airplant? The experts at Blue Grass Nursery know when you put one into a hanging terrarium, along with some strategically placed lava rocks, they’re impossible to resist.Blue Grass Nursery at Calgary Home Show 2016 Sneak PeekThat’s probably why their table at the Calgary Home + Garden Show sneak peek was packed with enthusiastic DIY-ers. As one of the 650 vendors who’ll be packed into the BMO Centre next month, the folks from Blue Grass will be offering up instruction for anyone interested. Stop by the Corral to make your own. They’ll have moss, ferns, succulents and other goodies if you’re not feeling my minimalist design in the photo above.Amborella Floral Studios workshopMeanwhile, over at the Amborella Floral Studio table, do-it-yourself took a decidedly Chardonnay turn, thanks to host Last Best Brewing & Distilling. Since I’d never been in their lovely 11th Avenue location, I was surprised by both the decor and the breadth of their drinks on offer. Delightful and delish.Floral Crown SelfieAfter finishing my floral crown, I was ready for a luau. Not really the chic flower girl look I was going for. The vintage mirror at Last Best added its own effect, just to take my selfie down a double notch.Amanda Haines, Reformation PRReformation PR’s creative director Amanda Haines played it smart, getting the professional guidance of Amborella owner Misha White.Amanda Haines, Reformation PRSuccess!Calgary Home Show 2016 Sneak PeekThis event being all about design, of course there was no mere photo wall. A photo lounge  inspired us all to remember:  the Calgary Home + Garden Show will be here before you know it. February 25-28 at the BMO Centre. See you there!


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