Spray Tan Success

Sundrops CalgaryBefore my trip to Sayulita, Mexico, I did some pre-beach prep that I’d never tried before:  a spray tan.  Sundrops KensingtonIn Kensington, I discovered Canada’s first professionally applied spray tanning salon. Sundrops has sprayed 10,000 clients over nine years, so I felt ok about offering up my epidermal layer. Owner Laura Downing’s friendly welcome to her cabana-like enclave assured me that this is a better alternative to the bottle — the bottle of self-tanner, that is. Sundrops CalgaryIn a soothing, blue-tiled room, I stripped down and got sprayed with a fine mist. It felt a little like the cool shot on my hair-dryer.Spray tan at SundropsA mere three minutes later, spray tan success! No streaks, no weird color and no extra tan around the ankles. The Sundrops sprayer will wipe down your fingernails, but I would go further and wipe between your fingers and the palms of your hands. Don’t touch the rest of your body for a few minutes either. How does this sun-free chemical-free tan work? It’s a sugar beet derivative which reacts with the amino acids in the top layer of your skin.  Sundrops Calgary The tan lasted a solid seven days, even though I was in and out of the ocean on my trip. Stocking up on Sundrops’ line of homemade, food-grade, all-natural moisturizers helped with the maintenance.  Now that I’m in Calgary staycation mode, minus the cation part, I feel a return trip coming on… to Sundrops! Besos

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