That Little Blue Box

IMG_2390When champagne, fine art and blue boxes appear in the same frame, there can only be one culprit:  Tiffany & Co… The Xmas Party Edition.IMG_2405Audrey Hepburn’s favorite store spiced up the Christine Klassen Gallery with a bunch of media types. Even a hallway can be festive fabulous when filled with style bloggers.IMG_2398Moody ring (a steal at $22,000) with moody image by Michael Levin (under 10k). Both of which I’d always be in the mood for. But even the background drove my Palovian instinct into overdrive. Black Suede by Behr, fyi, paint and primer in one. Gallery Director Christine Klassen says she took the wall from white to black in 2 coats. You’re welcome, Behr.IMG_2411Christine seen here counseling Janelle Gillespie on her next art investment, the last consumer therapy she’ll offer in this space. She’s off to new digs on 50th Avenue SE, with the opening soiree in February.IMG_2404Ahi Tuna Sliders from Nicole Gourmet Catering. Delicioso.IMG_2414Tiffany & Co Calgary Director Elizabeth Hellebrand wears a sapphire, diamond and platinum pendant and earrings from the Cobblestone Collection. IMG_2402Elizabeth has a knack of placing Tiffany jewels in front of amazing backdrops… as I learned earlier this year when the Gatsby jewels toured North America.Tiffany BurnsAnd what exactly was yours truly obsessing about here?IMG_2401The Atlas Collection. I tend to go for bracelets, not bangles, but these are magnificent.IMG_2435Tiffany must have read my mind, because look what was in the gift bag’s little blue box? Those sleek, elongated Roman numerals incorporated into the Atlas Bar Bracelet — a bangle and bracelet combined. Muchas gracias, Tiffany. Takes one to know one. ClearSmall xx 2

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