The Dish on Duer

Dish and Duer performance denimGot a chance to check out Dish and Duer’s performance denim recently. The Vancouver-based brand has developed N2X – a proprietary fabric – combining Tencel, made from eucalyptus trees, with polyester, spandex and cotton. The result? Denim that looks like a dress pant on the outside (with a sublet, satiny sheen) and feels like a sweat pant on the inside.Dish and Duer performance denimThe breathable, stretchy fabric is so comfortable, they’d be great for riding in.Dish and Duer performance denimHowever, in the interest of not getting my dusty rose “Dish N2X Skinny Skimmer” dirty, I decided to let them ride solo on Simon. He went easy on them and took it slow.Dish and Duer denimThe sun may be setting at the Calgary Polo Club, where these photos were taken, but the day is just beginning for Dish and Duer. You can find their complete line for sale online and at their pop-up shop in Vancouver. Meanwhile, they have a Kickstarter campaign that begins today! Show your support and receive your own pair of jeans for almost half price.Blue Besos

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