The Fabulous New Frenchie Wine Bar

DJ at Una TakeawayLast night the tunes were pumping through Una Takeaway for its opening party. Despite the DJ’s turntable in the kitchen, his beats reached all the way to the back, where a new, hidden bar will soon be the go-to for grown-up guzzling.Una Takeaway goodiesIn the front of the house, Una Takeaway offers many of the favorites found on the menu at Una Pizza + Wine, located next door on 17th Avenue. Delectables didn’t stay on display long. They were far too delicious.Frenchie Wine BarThe takeaway territory is bright and cheerful, but Frenchie the gilt-framed terrier indicates a mood swing around the corner.Frenchie Wine BarTucked into a tight space at the back is the intimate new Frenchie Wine Bar, where the fabulous gathered for sophisticated sipping, including…Janice Beaton…Janice Beaton, who knows how to cut a fine cheese. Delish!Frenchie Wine BarThe bar boasts a curated wine list, charcuterie made in-house and just 15 seats. Which makes it easy to predict a full house for Frenchie Wine Bar. Merci pour votre hospitalite, Frenchie!

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