Think Spring

The snowstorm in Calgary today is all my fault.P1020677Yesterday I packed away my winter clothes.  I figured the first weekend in March was a good time to clear space in my non walk-in for flimsy spring things. Seems reasonable, right? Wrong! This is Calgary, where it snows almost every month of the year. Even in July, after weeks of tornado-inducing heat, there’ll still be that one day when snow comes down in a big way. Like today. The snow’s been flying sideways since morning. We’ll probably get close to a foot. So… sorry about that, everybody.P1020682However,  Aerin Lauder’s new collection will inspire you to think spring. Or at least help you look good while you dig out.P1020671“Garden in Bloom” is one of Aerin’s spring style palettes, a neutral collection of soft, nearly nude shades for a healthy, fresh glow. P1020647The purse packable includes three eyeshadows in Iris, Lily and Dahlia, with Nectar blush.P1020648Even more appropriate, considering our current lack of sunshine:  Floral Illuminating Powder. Six soft pastels swirl into one shade that brightens the complexion with subtle radiance. Because I think we’re all looking a little pale in Cowtown right about now.P1020659Please note, NO MAKEUP WAS HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PHOTO SHOOT (with apologies to the American Humane Association). Even after exposure to the Blizzard of 2013, it all applies flawlessly and still retains Aerin’s signature rose scent.ClearSmall xx 2

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