Upcoming Women of Influence Event

Now that our rude winter awakening is over with in Calgary, fall is in the air. It’s time to network. How else are we going to show off our outfits inspired by Vogue’s massive September bible?Lori Bacon

Lori Bacon’s outfit may be water-resistant. After all, she is the president and owner of Swimco, a Canadian retail success story based on a bathing suit narrative. She’ll be at the Westin next week to help entrepreneurs build brand legacy and growth strategy. I’ll be there, so expect Blue Besos to go from niche to mainstream in, oh, the next few weeks, after listening to the wisdom of Lori’s 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience.Women of InfluenceIn addition to listening to Lori’s presentation, plan to participate in a mysterious-but-intriguing-sounding “Connecting Activity,” enjoy some Q&A action and a glass of wine, all in a tight two hours! The event is September 24. Get your tickets here. I hear they’re selling out fast.

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