Waalflower VIP Sneak Peek

Waalflower Restaurant Calgary When Waalflower Kitchen and Cocktails opens its doors to the public on March 5, chances are good it will be the Cocktail part of their name that will lure you in. Their approach to modern mixology brings you combinations you may have never sipped before, like this Gardener’s Tonic cocktail with butterfly pea flower. But, when asked to make a not-so-hipster Pink Lady (not pictured because I immediately guzzled it with gusto), they are ready for any #cocktailchallenge. Don’t try this at home, kids. Simply because it won’t taste as good.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryLook up from your glass, and you may notice there’s something… familiar about this place. The location at the bottom of Edmonton Trail, in the old Waal building (kudos on the cheeky name, Waalflower), used to be the home of Whitehall, and home to many good times. Now, with new decor and more generous approach to the space around the bar, it appears that the good times are about to return.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryJust when you wondered if there were any reporters left in the world of media conglomeration (perhaps you don’t, but it’s a topic I think about all too often), Calgary’s foodie media showed up in full force, ready to see if Waalflower would bring it, beyond the purple drinks. Hi Shelley!Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryIt was time for me to take my seat. And take a picture to prove my selfie-averse self was actually there.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryWe were started off with a scrumptious creamy schmear.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryLamb meatballs, meet my tummy.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryTuna and smoked trout? Check.Waalflower Restaurant CalgaryEggs for dinner? Yes. Especially when paired with Beef Merguez Sausage en Cocotte with dates and cilantro.Waalflower CalgaryThe barramundi with orange, arugula and caponata sauce was delicious but difficult. If you order it, be prepared to de-bone your bites. Preferably before they reach your mouth. I haven’t cultivated this mediterranean talent, and my fabulousness as a fine diner suffered during this course.Waalflower YYCMeanwhile, the roasted chicken with spinach, lemon potatoes and garlic tzatziki offers a satisfying stick-to-your bones large entree with less complications.Waalflower Restaurant Calgary  After dinner, it only made sense to head back to the bar, where the VIP preview had reached another level. As appropriate for any party influenced by copious amounts of cocktails. CBC’s David Gray of the Eyeopener (see if you can spot him in the blissed-out blur of this action shot) had an early morning wakeup call, though, so he resisted the repeat siren call of Bar Manager JD Darnes (hunched over his next concoction on the right).Waalflower Restaurant Calgary , Thomas Keeper, Tink Real Estate, Mike O'ConnorMike O’Connor, of Calgary Stampede Rodeo Committee fame, and Thomas Keeper of Tink Real Estate (and reality tv star, but that’s another story) epitomize the dichotomy of Calgary’s fashion story:  you can’t go wrong with sleek city style or cowboy chic. Both are always apropos.Waalflower Calgary Of course, you can never control it. Any good party anywhere always ends up in the kitchen. Welcome to the neighborhood, Waalflower! And thanks for the wonderful evening. Blue Besos

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