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Simon and Gabby at Calgary Polo ClubSimon and Gabby had a busy day of polo planned on Saturday, but they were happy to take a few moments to help spread the word about a Toronto-based initiative making the world a better place — through fashion.The Fabric of Humanity at Calgary Polo ClubThe Fabric of Humanity offers ethical employment for those in the apparel industry, from as far away as Columbia and Mongolia. And gives us a chance to wear our hearts on our tee.Wearable Philanthropy at Calgary Polo ClubFresh off a Kickstart fundraising success, in which 82 backers pledged $20,588, the Fabric of Humanity will be helping apparel industry workers in Tado, Columbia  create their own co-operative and invest in professional sewing machinery.The Fabric of Humanity at Calgary Polo ClubSo when you don a Fabric of Humanity tee, you’re doing more than just making a change of clothes. You’re wearing clothes of change! Show your support in style here.Fabric of Humanity at Calgary Polo ClubI always have time for a little snuggle with Simon…Wearable Philanthropy… but soon it will be game time on the field behind us at the Calgary Polo Club. Time to get ready. Oh, and the players who oppose Team Blue Besos today? FYI, the charity stops with the T-shirt. Blue Besos

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