Wednesday Is The New Friday

The Wednesday Room, Calgary

Strolling Stephen Avenue, when a flash of pink neon catches your eye? Don’t pass by.The Wednesday RoomInstead, step inside The Wednesday Room, one of Calgary’s newest spots to dine and lounge. Fittingly, I visited on a Wednesday, only to discover a slightly secret mid-week all-day happy hour. Wine, cocktails and food discount delight. Breaking Blue Besos news:  the word is now out.

Typewriters at The Wednesday RoomOf course, in a place with a typewriter theme, words abound…All Work and No Play at The Wednesday Room… including a particular proverb that was fairly neutral until Jack Nicholson’s penchant for it in The Shining made the phrase sinister enough to drive you to drink. Cocktails at The Wednesday RoomFirst stop, the darling blue divans alongside the bar, where a pair of cocktails called my name. The Rose Colored Glasses (front) is sweet tooth’s dream come true, however, it is the one I chose to eschew.

Cocktail Menu at The Wednesday RoomIt was the Up In Smoke that really spoke to me. That mezcal had a message.Downstairs Dining Room The Wednesday RoomAnd that message urged me to get some food in my belly, before the words became too blurry. The Wednesday Room has an extensive food menu, based on share plates, and two dining rooms, each with their own personality. The one downstairs may feel familiar, if you’ve ever happened upon a basement lounge frozen in fabulous time.The Bar Downstairs at The Wednesday RoomJust to be safe, there’s another bar down here too…Bar Downstairs at The Wednesday Room… stocked with every libation you can imagine.Carpaccio at The Wednesday RoomBut on to the food! Armed with my usual appetite, I ate too much to show it all in this post. But my favorites included the Ribeye Carpaccio, whose chili relish offered a special sweet zing.Pounded Prawns at The Wednesday RoomA word of warning if you order the Pounded Prawns — the shape they arrive in defy expectations. But thankfully, not tastebuds. Delish.Tattoo at The Wednesday RoomAs if that romp-worthy rug wasn’t enough, service comes with an extra flair at the Room. When Summer expressed concern that we weren’t eating the last Crunchy Rice Cake (are you kidding?? we wouldn’t spurn that final bite of tuna tartare — we were just taking a break) I caught sight of the poetry on her forearm. Summer was kind enough to translate the Arabic. “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” Yes, Sarah Williams, yes.

Dessert at The Wednesday Room by Maggie Keeper
Courtesy of  Super Pro Photog Maggie Keeper

Sated on words and wonderful food, somehow we still managed to have room for dessert. The Churro came with dulce de leche ice cream and a side of cardamom hot chocolate. My hot date captured me diving into a delicious mess of dark chocolate mousse, brownie chunks, charred raspberry coulis and sponge toffee. Thanks for the photo, Maggie!The Wednesday Room Calgary After dining downstairs, pause for a moment upon your departure, and look up for the stars you love so fondly. You may be gifted with a vision of the Calgary Tower, in an unpredictable place.

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