When Papyrus Pigs Fly

When Papyrus apologizes, they care enough to send the very best: P1030324It wasn’t even a big deal. In fact, it probably wasn’t even their fault. The stationery store had promised to send me a package, and it got lost in transit. But 2 weeks after the mysterious and minor disappearance, the manager of the downtown Calgary location at The CORE hand-delivered a lovely token of apology.P1030331Personalized note cards! I just happen to work with one of the most knowledgeable printing experts in the country, who immediately told me that Crane & Co makes The Best Paper In The Business. When the White House requires stationery, they order exclusively from Crane. The 200-year-old company eschews killing trees — it prints on paper made from cotton. He went on to tell me about their embossing technique that uses a hand-crafted die and no ink, but these details weren’t even necessary. The cards had me at Hello, Little Piggy.P1030327Just when you thought classic good manners appeared as often as pigs fly…     ClearSmall xx 2

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