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Two Penny Chinese opens in CalgaryAfter several delays courtesy of our beloved city permitting department, Two Penny Chinese is finally gracing the up-and-coming First Street foodie zone with its red door…Two Penny Chinese Calgary… followed by a rounder door inside.  When I attended the media launch earlier this month, the new restaurant by Thank You Hospitality Management (of Native Tongues and Calcutta Cricket Club fame) was already attracting customers, without any advertising. Just an hour after I took this shot, every table was full.Two Penny Chinese CalgaryI love me a good restaurant bar, and Two Penny’s gorgeous marble expanse didn’t disappoint. Two Penny Chinese cocktailNeither did the cocktail that got the party started. A Pisco Disco, if you must know. Which is a gorgeous blend of pisco, tequila, rose liqueur, lemon and rhubarb bitters, for those not in the know. Including me, until I took the first sip.Two Penny Chinese CalgaryNow for the food porn section! I’ve whittled my massive collection of photos from this menu-encompassing meal (we tried everything except the Stir Fried Whole Lobster) down to three. Seen here, the dumplings were divine. Just be careful biting into them… all that lovely liquid inside is ready to spill.Bone Marrow at Two Penny Chinese CalgaryOrder the Special Fried Rice and you will find a marrow-filled bone comes with it.Roast Half Duck at Two Penny Chinese CalgaryThe Roast Half Duck came with milk buns and hoisin dipping sauce. At this point, I was too stuffed to do anything except admire the Lazy Susan. Which, after much googling from different devices around the table, we realized was not invented in Asia. Although it’s not totally clear if Thomas Jefferson or the Brits should get the cred, Chinese restaurants obviously own it. Making it even easier to overeat.TeaHouse at Two Penny Chinese CalgaryBut wait, that’s not all. Two Penny Chinese comes with its own bar. Take the stairs down to the TeaHouse.TeaHouse at Two Penny Chinese CalgaryYou don’t need to wait until after dinner to find the eye of the tiger in the TeaHouse. The basement bar comes with its own munchies menu.Forty Six & 2 cocktail at the TeaHouseIn the interest of due diligence, I decided to bookend the beaujolais at dinner with another cocktail. The Forty Six & 2 was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. The concoction of mezcal, tequila, rosé, coffee and sichuan pepper had everything to do with it. Original delish.Cody Willis, Tea HouseThank you Cody Willis for bringing another delectable dining-scape to the Calgary foodie scene. Future patrons take note: get there early. Reservations aren’t accepted.Blue Besos


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