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Tiffany Burns and Simon, Miracle Polo PonyBlue Besos began as a pre-internet dream of being a magazine editor. Vanity Fair? If Mr. Carter ever moves on, I’m there. Town & Country? Yes and yes. But three years and counting into the blogosphere, it would be tough to leave my personal curation of cool behind. Not to mention the Blue Besos polo team.

With a decade under my belt as a news anchor and reporter for CBS, ABC, CityTV and CBC, I’m a storyteller at heart. Add that to my love of luxe shopping, foodie food, fine wine and design, I’m always thrilled to discover something new and spread the word. My interest in fashion started during my modeling days, which took me across Europe, Asia and North America. All that globetrotting led to a healthy thirst for travel and adventure.

Currently I’m a Calgary-based journalist and television producer. I write for publications that include the Globe and Mail, Avenue Magazine, Polo Style and more. My main topics are lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, fine dining, luxury brands, travel, beauty, art and equestrian. Sometimes, I even bust through that news anchor reserve and get personal.

Wondering what’s up with the Spanish influence? It’s a side-effect from my addiction to polo. If I’m not working, I’m playing at the Calgary Polo Club. Come check out a game. Everyone is welcome!

In the meantime, back to the work stuff. Wanna collab? Comments? Love mail?

Contact me: tiffany [at]  bluebesos   [dot]  com. Sub in the apropos symbols and remove the extra spaces. Spam bots and all that…

Thanks for stopping by Blue Besos. Come back often!

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p.s.  All content on Blue Besos is my own and copyrighted, unless otherwise credited.

7 thoughts on “Hola! I’m Tiffany

    1. I like the diferent areas of the world modeling has taken you and yor pics of those places and of you are lovely my dear!

  1. Hey Tiffany it was a pleasure meeting you. Going on the journey of finding you a great pair of eye wear for your Polo matches was fun. You had great patience and hope that they work out well for you. I see you travel all around while letting everyone know about great places along the way.Hope to see you back on your next trip to California.

  2. THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad I found your blog/website. I just had MOHS surgery in the exact same spot as yours. My ‘defect’ is healing by second intention… no skin graft but it is the same size as yours. The picture of you with the Cookie Monster bandaid is perfect to show my family because I am neither as young or as pretty as you but it illustrates where I will be wearing a bandage for the next few months. (I am 65 years old). I will be caring for my 20 month old grandson after his new baby sister is born. I am still trying to find colorful fun bandaids…in the meantime I will use stickers.. Thank you so much for sharing. You are beautiful!

    1. Hi Joni!

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Hopefully you won’t be wearing bandages that long, especially without a graft.

      I haven’t been to the bandage section lately in a drugstore but I just hopped on the London Drugs Website and a bunch of fun ones came up right away, so I’m guessing they will be on the shelves. I think they would be better than stickers, just to be on the safe side 🙂

      Take care,

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