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IMG_0843Last time I was at the Yellow Door Bistro at Hotel Arts, I took you on a power lunch with Lawrence Roeck, the filmmaker shooting the next Eastwood Western. This time my shadow does more than darken the front door — it darts into the kitchen to take you behind the scenes. But first, let’s get the deets on the interior design.IMG_0851The restaurant is particularly proud of its environmentally conscious decor through architectural salvage. Feel like this lounge needs more of your lizard? Settle into a couch below reclaimed wooden shutters from Belgium, circa 1800.IMG_0824Neigh-sayers are welcome. Equestrian whimsy is a recurring theme, like this giant horse lamp.IMG_0849A bunny waits for you to belly up to the bar and paw through the iPad wine list.IMG_0853Random yellow accents repeat in the furnishings and staff uniforms, but they aren’t overdone.IMG_0869Admittedly aesthetically-driven in my choice of restaurants, the food still has to be good, or what’s the point? In the kitchen I discovered Banff-born Sous Chef Quinn Staple working under the watchful eyes of the kitchen crew’s spirit animals. With the Yellow Door’s close proximity to the Saddle Dome, refurbished post-flood in time for the Flames’ full season, I suppose it makes sense there is also a spirit hockey goalie.IMG_0889The kitchen was built especially for Yellow Door, when the bistro opened in February to rave reviews of their flavorable fare. The hotel’s other restaurant, Raw Bar, has a completely separate kitchen.IMG_0900It must be easier when everyone at table of four orders the same six ounce Sous Vide Tenderloin, but kitchen creation is a delicate dance in close quarters.IMG_0913My Dungeness Crab Salad is up — my cue to return to my table. I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, and I highly recommend you do the same. Scrumptious! Yellow Door Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

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  1. Why leave the dressing on the side? Does the kitchen not know how to dress a salad? is the dressing terrible in flavour?

    1. I usually ask for dressing on the side in case the chef is over-generous, but at Yellow Door the precaution isn’t necessary… they get it just right.

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