BOOK REVIEW: The Photographing Tourist

The Photographing TouristWhich new book is gracing my old coffee table now? The Photographing Tourist – a Storyteller’s Guide to Travel and Photography.The Photographing TouristBesides being chock full of gorgeous travel photos from around the globe, author David Noyes’ book is peppered with tips on how to capture that priceless Kodak moment during your own travels.The Photographing TouristAs a shutterbug-slash-travel addict myself, I found it interesting to see some of the things I do while taking photos are actual techniques. But Noyes, an award-winning pro photog, has plenty of other suggestions to help me up my game. But, in case you’re wondering, not a  single selfie instruction. Thank goodness.

As someone who self-publishes regularly right here on Blue Besos, I was also intrigued to discover that The Photographing Tourist was self-published. Buy it directly from the author here and a donation will be made to the Innocent Eyes Project. Shipping it to the True North? Use CANADA to get a $10 discount. Besos

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