Soon.P1030149Soon these barns at the Calgary Polo Club will be full of ponies. Soon the grass will be green. And soon I will be wearing my helmet and using my mallet. But if I’m going to show up at the club like a hop-along groupie, at least I can do it in style. French Connection’s Nix Nights Block Dress has a discreet side zip and a subtle stretch in the fabric, giving anyone a flattering look that will fend off all Pretty Woman types.P1030118After a working winter in California or surviving the subzero temperatures of being put out to pasture in Alberta, many of the horses have returned, enjoying their last few days of hay and relaxation before summer prep begins in earnest. Reassuringly structured and boxy, French Connection’s Westbourne Bag could tote a healthy selection of carrots…P1030203…which would catch the attention of this guy. Enjoy that mane while you have it, buddy! You’re due for a haircut.P1030186With the distance between all the paddocks and fields, it’s good to have alternate transportation at the CPC, especially if you’re moving slower than usual. Paired with their Polly Plains daisy white tank, French Connection’s floaty floral maxi skirt flows pleasantly in the breeze, allowing for easy pedaling.P1030124The official polo season hasn’t started yet in Calgary, which means there’s still time to get your perfect divet-stomping dress. The styles seen here are available at French Connection.
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