H&M Hits Chinook

SnapseedLike the sign says, finally! With approximately 3,000 stores in 53 markets, the Swedish company is continuing their push for global fashion domination. At the very least, they have saved Calgarians from that closet they call an H&M in The Core. And the other 3 locations I never seem to run across.Snapseed-1Also sometimes hard to find, the H&M capsule collections and designer collaborations will be available here. Underneath inspiring murals… Snapseed-2… and on well-read mannequins.  Snapseed-3Nice job putting the men’s collection upstairs so those in heels don’t have to hoof it too far, H&M! You can find the new flagship store across from Zara at the south end of the mall (verrry close to the new Top Shop that opens this Saturday). At 20,000 square feet it’s hard to miss.

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