Kickin It in Cowtown

Musse & Cloud Geneva BootieIt’s never too early to start kickin’ it Western style in Calgary. Besides, chucks fans will be filling those grandstands in two shakes of a thoroughbred’s tail. So may I recommend the pre-distressed Geneva bootie, by Musse & Cloud, to get you in the hootin’ and hollerin’ mood?Musse & Cloud Geneva BootieIf you haven’t heard of them, Musse & Cloud is a boutique European brand, inspired by bohemian silhouettes. The soft burnished leather and padded insoles ensure instant comfort for your feet. And the boho chic factor easily translates to style moments beyond Stampede. Coachella, anyone?Musse & Cloud Millie BootieFeel like kicking it up a notch? The Millie meets all requirements for sophisticated big city style. Personally, I’m riveted. Musse & Cloud Millie BootieAnd, always helpful if you’re Canadian, and you feel obliged to kick off your heels every time you step inside, these Spanish suede booties make it easy to do with a heel zipper.Musse & Cloud Check ‘em out here... and guess what? They’re having a sale. Blue Besos

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