Leave it to Cleaver

Cleaver is cutting its way into my heart. I’ve been here a few times now. Both times the service has been excellent. So has the food, btw, but if you follow my Savor reviews, you know I’m all about The Entire Package, which means ambience and attitude have equal weight with what’s on the plate.

The evening starts with the bubbly hostess from New Brunswick, who offers bubbly if you have to wait for your table, which is likely with the crowds here. More restos should do this — such a simple, alcohol-infused way to keep patrons positive. Once I was seated, I enjoyed my Yorkshire pud and seared tuna so much that I was inclined to forgive the dark decor going a teeny bit too hard on the cleaver theme. Knives everywhere. Except your heart, which only feels warm and fuzzy after an evening here.

Looking for a libation? Try the Monk and Mexican. Tequila, cucumber, ginger and bitters. Served in a copper cup, it keeps deliciously cool. Although you can’t tell when you’re getting low. Better play it safe and order your second after a few sips.Blue Besos


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