Nordstrom YYC Opening Gala

Nordstrom YYCNordstrom is finally here! I arrived at last night’s gala event via a long walk in high heels through Chinook Mall — and managed to arrive at the door without the red carpet. But there were still 5 fresh faced new Nordstrom employees to welcome me to the soiree.Nordstrom YYC OpeningInside, both levels of the upscale fashion retailer’s first foray into Canada were jammed. 1800 people partied around the purses, jewelry, skincare and clothing. Important brand alert:  Nordstrom has the Calgary exclusive on Kate Spade apparel.Nordstrom Family in CalgaryUpstairs, the restaurant Bazille was converted into a VIP room for friends and family. And it was a family event — three generations of Nordstroms are in Calgary to help guide the opening. The family takes an active role managing the 275-store chain.Jim Pattison CalgaryJim Pattison, West Vancouver kazillionaire and all-around good guy, told me he was returning home from Chicago, but decided to have the plane drop him off in Calgary so he could join the party — he’s old pals with the Nordstroms. I recognized the Order of Canada pin on his lilac-accented lapel, but not the other one. Turns out Jim is also a member of the Order of British Columbia.Mayor Naheed Nenshi at NordstromYou know Nordstrom is a big deal when you find the Mayor of Calgary at the opening. The last time I bumped into Naheed Nenshi, it was during his heroic handling of the Calgary floods. Now, after our emergency response center recently re-opened to deal with the aftermath of our September snowstorm, it’s nice to see him at something a little less sweaty and more social.Nordstrom YYC OpeningOutside the VIP room, liberally-poured Rose enhanced the shopping experience.Casey WagarCasey Wagar, lover of all things fancy, was loving his Chardonnay.Nordstrom YYC OpeningPhoto ops were everywhere, including with the 30 live mannequins on display throughout the store.Fraser Abbott, Hotel ArtsFraser Abbott was on hand to quality-check the delicious edibles provided by Hotel Arts’ Chef Duncan Ly.Cynthia Moore and Jay SkellyBumped into the amazing Cynthia Moore, who’s jetting off next week to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, just one year after kicking flesh-eating disease in the you-know-what. Meanwhile, Jay Skelly of Holt Renfrew swears he was no spy — just an innocent partier.Nordstrom YYC OpeningNo Scandinavian reserve here. Erik and Julie Nordstrom mingled with Beth and Terry Drayton, enjoying the party (with some particularly fabulous cowboy boots in the background). And they should — the evening raised $180,000 for Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way of Calgary.Nordstrom YYC Opening GalaMore of those mannequins, trying to make those white pillars look good. Sprinkled throughout the contemporary Nordstrom decor, they’re a structurally necessary holdout from the previous Sears space.Sean Jones Nordstrom YYC OpeningTucked in between the escalators and the shoes, Toronto-based recording artist Sean Jones sang to throngs of adoring women…Sean Jones Nordstrom YYC Opening… who didn’t mind one bit when he jumped off stage to dance with them. I’m sure Nordstrom appreciated the fact he sang the “Forget you” version of Cee Lo Green’s hit tune.Nordstrom YYC OpeningThis security man’s job is just beginning… because the opening party continues tomorrow, bright and insanely early, with the Nordstrom Chinook Centre Pre-Opening Beauty Bash.  On Friday, September 19 from 7:30-9:30 am, enjoy complimentary consultations and demos at the main Nordstrom entrance in the mall. Expect to see hot makeup brands including Butter London, Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford. Everyone’s invited.

Meanwhile, let’s gloat a little, Calgary. Ottawa and Vancouver are next in line for Nordstrom Canada, but they’ll have to wait til next year. Welcome to town, Nordstrom!Blue Besos

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