Tiffany Nose HillIt snowed today in Calgary. Alllll day. After a summer-like 22 degrees Celsius yesterday — that’s over 71 degrees Fahrenheit y’all. But that’s not the big reveal. A vibrant hangover (story of the night before not included) led from a still-tequila-infused brunch to a Siberian hike through one of the largest municipal parks in North America. Created in the 1980s as a small antidote to rampant development, Nose Hill Park is home to a large amount of native fescue, which is a big deal. Grasslands like this are an endangered species.

With my brain cell count at a significant disadvantage, I didn’t realize the wonderfulness of it until a good friend sent this picture to me. I climbed Nose Hill this year. And won.ClearSmall xx 2

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